Year End Challenge

After the many successful transfromation from my Summer, Fall & Holiday Challenges I have decided to run a Year End Challenge (Start Date 11/15/15) with limited availablitiy. I am giving away $500 in cash for the best trasformation and another $750 in runner up prizes. Sign up now while spots are still available.


I pride myself on the fact that I’m not just some naturally skinny fit girl or a random cardio bunny – but a woman that hit her personal physical low, decided to make a change for the better and earned a transformation of her own. I sculpted my body to where it is today through dedication, hard work, sweat, tears and countless hours at the gym. I know what it is to have to work for it and if you’re going to buy anyones workout guides why do it from someone who doesn’t have a personal transformation of their own? I offer my clients many different options to meet their needs, from sample Meal & Workout Plans to fully customized programs designed to work for your specific body type and needs. I personally build out each custom meal plan and workout routine for each of my clients and offer you 3 different program options to best suit your needs; a 4, 6 or 8 week Full Online Coaching program with 2 intensity level options (beginner: basic weight loss, toning & healthy habits – or intermediate: active person looking to trim down and put on some muscle mass and definition).